Diary of a project, part 3: In the Middle of Things

January 22, 2017


12/27 - 12/28

I've decided that the title of my track will be "Mallorca Winter". In doing a bit more reading about this famous Mallorca vacation I discovered that while there, Chopin had a nightmare about being drowned in an icy lake. I'm holding onto that image as I decide what the middle of this track will sound like. I've found the right spot to incorporate the 2nd prelude, although I needed to compose a couple of measures of transition.

My hard-and-fast rule with this track is to not mess with Chopin's music at all - no bass lines, no counter-melodies. It would be an unforgivable offense to dilute his music with anything but what's already there. I'm focusing on adding only texture and emphasis.


Some thoughts on the overall structure of the track...

  • The 2nd prelude will be the climax of the track, with a different tempo and more dramatic sounds and FX.

  • The 1st prelude is in a minor key throughout. The 2nd starts in a major key, changes to a minor key, then back to the original major key. So I need to decide which prelude will be the final section.

  • If I end with the 2nd prelude then I'll be in a different key from the one I started in. I'm not happy with that idea. But my second hard-and-fast rule is that there will be NO transposing!

  • If I end with the 1st prelude, then I'll have to figure out a way to return to it after the 2nd prelude climax. That will likely require writing a measure or two of transition. If it's even possible.

In other matters, I'm going back over all the piano MIDI clips and trying to "humanize" their sound. I'm also considering asking for advice and/or help with mixing and mastering. The thought of that is starting to give ME nightmares!


Stay tuned for part 4...



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