From jazz to electronica...

From introspective piano solos

to atmospheric production music...

original compositions that embrace a

wide range of styles and emotions.

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JanetB began her musical journey at a young age learning the classical repertoire of the piano. And thanks to the gift of a transistor radio on her sixth birthday, she immersed herself in the popular music genres of her time - Top 40, singer-songwriter, Motown and rock. She earned her B.A. in Music & Theatre from the Aaron Copland School of Music (Queens College) in New York City, where she studied music theory, composition, and all other aspects of the craft. She enjoyed working with local theatre groups as musical director and accompanist, giving her hands-on experience with show tunes and the American Songbook.

JanetB collaborates with a number of artists and producers in the U.S. and abroad on various projects. She is a co-founder of Music MakeHers, a group dedicated to helping female musicians become knowledgeable and confident music producers.

JanetB is a registered BMI artist. She owns and/or controls all rights to her music.


Placements & Credits


Open Cage Pictures

"After The Rain" was chosen to underscore a scene in the new indie film "Laced Silk".

Indie film - Germany

SAS Performing Arts Company & Studios

Promo/Incidental Music

"Artifice" was selected as the opening credits and incidental music for the June 2021 production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
Scored custom music for intermission and promo video for March 2021 virtual performance of "Alice In Wonderland".

Women of Substance


Bree Noble's award-winning podcast accepted "Holding On (feat. Monika Lidke)" for inclusion in the episode which aired on 1/18/2021. Click HERE to listen.

Advantage Consulting


"Time To Rise (feat. Chad Bourquin)" will be incorporated into a promotional video for prospective clients.

Munchkin Studios

In-store Broadcast

"Sunrise, Winter Morning" and "Empty Heart" were selected to be part of their New Age and Piano collections.

Elevate Your Music


Music supervisor Linnette Harrigan, founder of LH Media Group, selected "Smartypantz" as the opening theme of her new podcast series.
Linnette also chose "Going Home" as the background music for the Elevate Your Music app's YouTube promo.

Outbound Music

Internet Radio

A number of tracks were selected for their various genre-based channels, including "Yes No Maybe" and "Echoes".

LH Media Group

"Artifice" was chosen as Song of the Month in February 2018.

Song of the Month

Indie Jukebox

"Deadly" and "Lisa's Smile" were featured on the October 2016 episode.




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Production Music


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