From jazz to electronica...

From introspective piano solos

to atmospheric production music...

original compositions that embrace a

wide range of styles and emotions.



  A classically-trained pianist from a young age, JanetB also absorbed the popular music genres of her youth - Top 40, singer-songwriter, rock and Motown. While earning her B.A. degree in Music & Theatre from the Aaron Copland School of Music (Queens College) in New York City, she fell in love with jazz and show tunes as she learned the theory and craft of making music.

JanetB collaborates with a number of artists and producers in the U.S. and abroad on various projects, some intended for music licensing. She is also a co-founder of Music MakeHers, a group dedicated to helping female musicians become knowledgeable and confident music producers. She regularly presents mini-workshops on music theory and music business topics for the group’s events.



Here are a few of my full-length original tracks. Enjoy!

Artistic Clapboard

Production Music

What is production music?

It's music written specifically for film, TV or any other kind of video presentation. The tracks are often fairly short, and focused on a single mood or emotion. Some content creators prefer to license production music rather than hiring a composer. It can be a challenge to create this music without knowing ahead of time exactly how it will be used.

Here are some of my original production cues that are being considered for music licensing.




Women of Substance

Radio Show

Bree Noble's award-winning podcast accepted "Holding On (feat. Monika Lidke)" for inclusion in the episode scheduled for 1/18/2021.

Advantage Consulting


"Time To Rise (feat. Chad Bourquin)" will be incorporated into a promotional video for prospective clients.

Munchkin Studios

In-store Broadcast

"Sunrise, Winter Morning" and "Empty Heart" were selected to be part of their New Age and Piano collections.

Elevate Your Music


Music supervisor Linnette Harrigan, head of LH Media Group, selected "Smartypantz" as the opening theme of her new podcast series.

Outbound Music

Internet Radio

A number of tracks were selected for their various genre-based channels, including "Yes No Maybe" and "Echoes".


I enjoy creating videos for my music. Some are just a single image, and others incorporate a number of stock images or footage that I feel matches the music very well.


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